Special Events

interactive dinner party "rules"

1. This is all about having fun. If you learn something in the process, even better!
2. There are absolutely no stupid questions.
3. If you don't ask the question then no one will know the answer.
4. The Chef should know the answer - but admittedly does not know everything!
5. There will be no cutting of your fingers! (But we have bandages in case you do!)
6. Wine will be involved, so be careful.
7. You will be draw from a bowl which course you will be assigned to. If you don't like it, have some more wine.
8. The participants will clean the preparation dishes (within reason) for the course that they help create. This will ensure the next course has room to move and work on the counters. 
9. You can taste what you are making while you are making it, but the chef asks that you use the plastic spoons provided. While the chef often uses his fingers, 8 fingers are another story (although I am sure no one has cooties!)
10. Have fun and enjoy your dinner!