Special Events

Wine tastings

Are you having a party with all of your friends and going to do the same thing you did last time? Why not let Chef Tim lead you through a full wine tasting including food to match each wine?

Wine can be overwhelming when deciding what to order in a restaurant or what to pick to go with that Spicy Asian Dish you will be serving tomorrow night. Chef Tim will teach you how to open, pour, smell and taste wine as well as imparting knowledge on what wine goes with what food and why! This makes for a great night as it gets everyone involved. Wine is a personal thing and what is great to someone, may not be to another. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case the taster!"

Parties can be designed around a theme such as New World or Old World Wines. You can taste specific countries or mix and match and go around the world.

A night to learn, to drink with friends and share in some great food!