15 best healthy cake recipes (2024)

Healthy cake recipes

1. Healthy banana bread

All the sweet, sticky enjoyment of a good banana bread, but this time we've given it a healthy makeover using low-fat yogurt to keep it moist and agave syrup for natural sweetness. This lighter loaf is a just as good for breakfast as it is for afternoon tea – simply slice and serve with low-fat spread.

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2. Breakfast muffins

You can make blueberry muffins healthier by using mashed bananas, honey and apple sauce for natural sweetness, plus wholegrain flour and oats for a slower release of energy and seeds for a crunchy, nutritious hit.

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3. Fig, nut & seed bread with ricotta & fruit

This healthy loaf is closer to banana bread than traditional cake. It's made with dried figs, sultanas, oats, nuts, seeds and black tea, all of which provide a natural boost of energy. Enjoy a slice topped with soft cheese and orange wheels for breakfast or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

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Low-fat cake recipes

4. Lighter lemon drizzle cake

Zingy and sweet with a sugary crust, it's easy to see why classic lemon drizzle is one of the most popular cakes on our website. We've kept all the great parts of the original, but reduced the fat by using rapeseed oil and natural yogurt in place of butter. For something a bit spicy check out our lemon drop chilli loaf cake.

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5. The ultimate makeover: chocolate brownies

Rich, chewy and delightfully moreish, you would never guess these healthier brownies contain a secret ingredient: mayonnaise. This might seem strange at first, but mayo is made using eggs and oil – two key ingredients for keeping cakes and bakes moist. Here, we've used it to lower the fat content in our chocolate brownies.

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6. Malt loaf

There's something very satisfying about a cup of tea alongside a slice of sticky, buttered malt loaf. This simple, good-for-you version gets its rich, natural sweetness from a combination of dried mixed fruit and malt extract. Our recipe makes two loaves and improves over time – you can even pop it in the freezer for another day.

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Low-sugar cake recipes

7. Low-sugar chocolate sandwich cake

Who would believe that this gorgeous chocolate cake contains just 2g of sugar per slice? Xylitol and beetroot (yes, beetroot) ensure this cake is a lighter option when it comes to sugar, compared to the classic recipe. The whipped cream topping is low in sugar, too.

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8. Moroccan orange & cardamom cake

We've replaced sugar with xylitol and swapped butter and oil for a puréed whole orange to make this light and zesty cake. Ground almonds and cardamom provide delicate flavour, while polenta gives the cake its fantastic golden colour.

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9. Low-sugar lemon drizzle cake

Sweetened with all-natural xylitol, this sponge has a dense, syrupy texture and keeps well for a few days. Serve the way all good loaf cakes should be: with your afternoon cup of tea.

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Gluten-free cake recipes

10. Luscious lemon & raspberry sandwich

15 best healthy cake recipes (10)

Lemon curd yogurt gives this gluten-free sponge cake a lovely light texture. The sandwich layers are filled with light and airy whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Plus, the top is covered with a proper lemon drizzle icing.

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11. Fudgy chocolate squares

These deeply chocolatey sponge squares are made with xanthan gum, ground almonds and a special flour blend to keep them gluten-free. We've added walnuts for crunch, but pecans would work well, too. We think they're best served with ice cream for dessert.

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12. Date, banana & rum loaf

How can a cake with no added fat or sugar be so delicious? By adding mixed spice, sweet sultanas, raisins and dates, along with a good splash of dark rum, of course. Plus, this bake is easily made gluten-free by switching up the baking powder.

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Dairy-free cake recipes

13. Vegan sponge cake

Treat your family and friends to our vegan Victoria sponge cake, and delight in telling them it's made with 100 per cent vegan ingredients. Dairy-free spread gives the layers a light, fluffy texture, and it makes a fabulous filling when whipped with icing sugar.

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14. Vegan chocolate cake

Make our easy vegan chocolate sponge for a special occasion by using dairy substitutes. It's finished with luscious 'buttercream' and seasonal fruits, such as cherries, blackberries or figs.

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15. Vegan carrot cake

Master free-from baking with our easy carrot cake recipe. It's lightly spiced, just like classic carrot cake, and feels indulgent thanks to the coconut & cashew buttercream. Edible flowers are a beautiful addition, if you have them.


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15 best healthy cake recipes (2024)
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