Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe - Indian Simmer (2024)


Prerna Singh


Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe - Indian Simmer (1)

I told you there will be quite a few guest posts in the next couple weeks. Posts that were due for a long time. So today I am here with another recipe that I made for Kulsum from Journey Kitchen.
You remember your first friend when you went to school or the first person you shared your lunch with in college or the first person who came up to your cubicle (or a table in the corner of a room in my case) and welcomed you on your first day at work? The person who made you feel that its okay to be nervous when you are new and you will do just fine?

Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe - Indian Simmer (2)

Kulsum was one such person to me when I stepped into the blogging world. I was new and unsure of what I was doing. I think so was she and maybe that was the reason we hit it off the first time we spoke (or chatted? or tweeted? or exchanged emails? Okay! I don’t remember what happened first but it was one of the above!). We both shared the same roots back in the same country, loved to talk and were eager to learn. It has been almost an year (or maybe more) since I know Kulsum and she has come a long way with her blog ever since. Without even seeing each other face to face we have become friends so when she asked me to guest post for her it was exciting for me. Thanks Kulsum for letting me hijack your space for a day!

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Kulsum wanted me to cook something Indian. Something very simple and yet comforting. Something that can take a lot of us Indians back home and still be easy for everyone to cook. And she wanted to share a breakfast recipe. What can be more comforting and easy breakfast recipe for Indians than a hot paratha fresh off the griddle? So I decided to make some Aloo Matar Paratha (Potato and green peas stuffed pancakes).

Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe - Indian Simmer (4)

Now parathas are Indian pan fried flat breads and when you stuff them with any stuffing then they are called bharwa paratha (stuffed flatbreads). I am all about making Indian food approachable and sexy. And this recipe asks for some very simple and easily accessible ingredients. Fry onion with some very basic spices like cumin and coriander powder, add some heat with chili and mix it all with potatoes and peas. Even then if you can’t find anything just grab some potatoes and green peas, boil them, salt them and stuff it in your parathas and still your parathas (pancakes) with taste amazing! If you can then please fry them in ghee (clarified butter) because only then you can smell that comfort and feel that warmth that mom’s parathas give. But if you can’t find ghee or want to stay on the healthier side just use olive oil or vegetable oil as you like.

To see a step by step photo of how to make a stuffed paratha please click on the link below. And for a detailed recipe head over to Kulsum’s gorgeous blog. While you are there don’t forget to check out recipe for Masala Chai. I remember a lot of those emails asking me for one. Hope you enjoy!


  1. What’s in the green sauce mixture that’s in the picture? It looks like a spicy cilantro sauce from one of my favorite lebanese places.


  2. These parathas look awesome. I tried to leave a comment at Kulsum but got rejected:(. I made some with hulled mug beans. I really like regular mung beans better. Great post and great recipe. I just make the sweet version of puren poli but was t you saying you don’t like it?! lol. In any event wonderful clicks as usual!


  3. Beautiful looking aloo mattar paratha. Your click makes me awestruck all the time 🙂 Love the slide show explanation of the steps. 🙂


  4. Aloo and matar such a nice combination in parathas


  5. Hi Prema – I have never thought of making those roti at home before. We can get them here so easily in Malaysia, but I think you might have just changed my mind. Making roti paratha (we call them roti canai in Malaysia) sounds possible and fun. And you’re right – we can just stuff the pancakes with any vegetables we like. Thanks for the step-by-step slideshow. Very useful!


  6. first time here and the space is amazing,,both recipe wise and the photography..

    who doesnt wanna taste this parathaa? yummy


  7. never tried this but looks so so delicious.


  8. What gorgeous shots and they look delish! Your posts always remind me of my time in India and the cooking class I took there. I think I need a few more to perfect anything other than chai!


  9. Wow u have done it uniformly,amazing clicks…Particularly the second clicks luks awesome.


  10. What amazing parathas. Picture perfect. I also remember one of the first fellow food bloggers that supported me. Will never forget them. 🙂


  11. Those parathas look amazing and I love that you have Kulsum! I have three that are like that for me….and I treasure each one of them!


  12. Hey Prerna,

    The parathas looks just fabulous!!! You have got me drooling 🙂


  13. That is one beautiful Aloo Matar Paratha. 🙂


  14. I also LOVE paratha – the tutorial is so helpful, too, since I’ve always wanted to make them. I’ll head over to Journey Kitchen to catch the whole post 🙂


  15. I LOVE paratha and yours look amazing!! I love your step by step photos, I’m filing this away for when I decide to make my own. You’re amazing!


  16. I have never had parathas but they have me so intrigued. Can’t wait to give them a try.


  17. I love these. They are so delicious! 🙂


  18. Ooooooohhhh, those are fabulous parathas! I really love that speciality, but never made that version…

    Hopping over to Kolsum’s blog!




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Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe - Indian Simmer (2024)
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